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In 2014 the Ebola crisis reached the United States and caused us to rethink our role in providing medical professionals and layment alike with pandemic protection products. Our Contagion Kits are the result of our research and we've been getting these out to families just like yours ever since.

So, we put this up a couple years ago and now we've seen it come true:


The World Health Organization and The Center for Disease Control believe that a devastating worldwide Pandemic is inevitable.

Even conservative estimates suggest as many as 100 million people may be infected, while more than a million may die.

By the time the government alerts you, fear, panic and a run on supplies will make the situation worse, leading to a potential breakdown in social services.

Protective gear such as hazmat suits, respirators and sanitizers will not be available. That's why the CDC recommends you prepare yourself and your family.

ContagionSurvival has protective gear for Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) threats that you can purchase now.

So please don't wait. It will difficult enough to procure and ship PPE's when a disaster strikes, and the government will order a freeze on buying and selling. Think of your family first, and remember, Preparedness Begins at Home.

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