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First Aid Global LLC is a first aid replenishment company providing free delivery service and restocking of your company's first aid cabinets with no contracts or service charges.
Earthquake kits, eyewash stations, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and much more.

Free First Aid Consultation

Call us at 818-705-4911

Let's set up a time and we'll come to you to discuss exactly what your needs are.
Office, warehouse, manufacturing plant, restaurant, entertainment company; First Aid Global has the goods and experience to help you meet your requirements and create a happier, safer work environment.
firstaidglobal delivery

Our drivers are fully insured and will visit your facility regularly based upon your needs.
Our vans are stocked with all the items you request for your first aid cabinet refills as well as oxygen, safety items, eyewash refills, earthquake kits, gloves, hand sanitizers, eyeglass and screen cleansing wipes and N95 and KN95 masks.
There are never any service charges associated with our visits and you won't be charged unless you approve of a purchase.

Our complete first aid cabinets come fully stocked but you will need to have them inspected and refilled regularly.
Our convenient packaging will maximize the space in your first aid kit and we'll keep it looking its best.
Call us for an estimate and remember, there are never any service charges.

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We service hundreds of eyewash stations throughout LA, Orange & Ventura Counties every month. We hang and install, then come back regularly to drain the old water and replace with fresh, along with a preservative solution so that your staff and employees always have a safe and secure eye wash station ready to use in the case of an eye emergency.

eyewash station preservative.jpeg
eyewash station refills.jpeg
eyewash station distribution.jpeg

You can count on our team to inspect your fire extinguishers and defibrillators to make sure they are in proper working condition. We carry batteries and pads so that your defibrillator won't be down when you need it. You can expect our signatures on your defibrillator and eyewash station tags.

fire extinguisher inspections.jpeg
defibrillator sales batteries and inspections.jpeg
eyewash station tag check.jpeg
We recommend this for businesses:

      4-shelf fully stocked first aid cabinet in either painted steel or stainless steel

     EMT First Responder Kit for emergency first aid and mobility when you need it

      Preparedness Backpacks or Bulk Kits, enough to help all your staff survive an Earthquake

      Smoke Escape Hoods, enough for every employee

      Consider an Emergency Disposable Oxygen System for the unexpected emergency

      Assorted N95 and KN95 masks to help keep everyone protected and on the job 

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