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Enerplex Lithium Generator Powers Aquarium

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

During a blackout, the aquatic life in your expensive aquarium needs to breathe too. See what I do for our 88 gallon fresh-water aquarium in the First Aid Global front office.

Running Aquarium Components

Here in First Aid Global's lobby, we maintain an 88 gallon freshwater aquarium. We've had a number of power failures and blackouts over the years, but our Enerplex Lithium Power Generator keeps the components running.

Happy Fish

Heaters: 2, Lighting: LED Strip, Airpumps: 2, Filtration System: Flugal 405. These components are a must for a living plant-filled aquarium filled to capacity with a variety of freshwater fish species. The lack of any one of these components will cause harm to expensive fish and delicate plants. So be prepared if you run your own tank. Have a back up power plan in mind like our Enerplex 1230-watt Lithium Solar Generator from and

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