EyS Single-Use Eye Wash Two 4-Packs, 1/2-Ounce Each Vial

EyS Single-Use Eye Wash Two 4-Packs, 1/2-Ounce Each Vial

SKU: eys-1/2oz-eyewash-two4packs

"EyS" Eye Wash in two 4-packs is Made in the USA! It is a Sterile Buffered Isotonic solution made from Purified Water USP 98.4% and is used for the cleansing of the eye to help relieve irritation by removing loose foreign material. Each vial is 0.5 fluid ounces or 15 millilters Flush the affected eye as needed controlling the rate of flow of the solutions by gently squeezing. Discard after use. Expiration is 36 months. Sterile buffered isotonic eye wash made according to FDA monograph for Eyewash. Comes as a double-set of 8 vials.

  • EyS Eye Wash is made in the USA
  • A buffered isotonic solution that is single use so no cross-contamination
  • Eight 1/2oz or 15ml vials per set
  • Always have eye wash nearby when you work
  • Great for removing foreign materials such as dust from wood, metal, glass, dirt and other debri
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