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Our Fully-Stocked First Aid Cabinets come in either Painted Steel or Stainless Steel. All fills exceed OSHA Standards and are filled with packaged products you won't find in drug stores or grocery stores. We service hundreds of restaurants, entertainment and law firms and manufacturers, so trust us to get it right. Choose the size and construction that's right for you.

First Aid Cabinets - Stocked or Empty

  • Alcohol swabs, Antiseptic towelettes, Eye drops, Eye wash, 2” elastic bandage, Tri-cut adhesive tape, Antiseptic spray, Burn spray, 4x4” burn gel dressing, 6 burn sachet packets, First Aid Manual, 2-pair latex gloves, 2” roller gauze, 2” gauze pads, 3” gauze pads, Kerlix sterile wrap, Fingertip bandages, Knuckle bandages, Elastic strips bandages, Small strips bandages, Large patch bandages, Sheer strips bandages, Antibiotic ointment, Hydrocortisone cream, 2 ice packs, Scissor, Tweezer, Compress, Triangular bandage, Butterfly closures, Eye dressing set, Ammonia inhalants, CPR mask, Advil 100 caplets, Tylenol 100 caplets, Pepto bismol tablets 30, Cough drops 50

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