Diabetic Massaging Insoles with Holofiber for Increasing Blood Flow

  • Massaging insoles increase oxygenated blood flow by 29% for diabetics and the vascular impaired
  • Holofiber is a body responsive textile fiber top cloth that increases oxygenated blood flow
  • Breath-O-Prene foam breathes and absorbs moisture away from the foot
  • Both components are safe, latex-free, permanent and will stay responsive and powerful for the life of the product
  • Builds strength, increases circulation, accelerates muscle recovery and heals wounds
  • Replacement insoles for ANY shoes (not just for Diabetics!)


We love these insoles! Perfect for Diabetics, but great for everyone, our massaging Insoles with Holofiber increase blood oxygenation by 29% leading to improved blood flow and healing. Holofiber is the world's first body-responsive textile fiber. Holofiber is not a coating and does not wash out. It is part of the fiber and is non-toxic and biologically benign. Holofiber can help to build strength, increase circulation, accelerate muscle recover and heal wounds. Combining Holofiber and Breath-O-Prene produces the most innovative and beneficial insole on the market today for diabetics and others with circulatory problems. Breath-O-Prene breathes and absorbs moisture away from the foot, and the Holofiber top cloth increases oxygenated blood flow. Completely safe, latex free, and positively permanent, Holofiber and Breath-O-Prene will stay responsive and powerful for the life of the product.

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