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20 of the best N95 masks available. Carbon-Activated Charcoal Masks deliver more particulate protection, even stop organic vapors.

  • These masks feature natural dimensional structure, while will not press against mouth.


  • Model number: SH 9550 C
  • With activated charcoal
  • Cup type
  • String Type: Overhead
  • US NIOSH certified N 95 standards mask
  • Quantity: 1 box (20 pieces)
  • Polypropylene (P.P.) outer layer provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibers.
  • Embossed fringe seal avoids fluffy open layer around the edges.
  • Latex-Free synthetic rubber headstrap.
  • Contour design ensures the compatibility of glasses/goggles and reduces fogging.
  • Soft closed-cell nose foam and adjustable nosepiece ensure custom shape and increase the worker comfort and acceptance.
  • Free Shipping!

Organic Vapor N95 Masks with Activated Carbon

SKU: 9550C-20 masks
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