Vitonus Massaging Gel Sport Vitality Insoles

Vitonus Massaging Gel Sport Vitality Insoles

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Vitonus Foot Care Sport Insoles restore 'Vitality' to your tired, aching feet in your everyday work shoes. Originally designed for Athletes' workouts, we've heard from many loyal customers who love them for daily use. Massaging Gel is the key to it all!

  • Reduce back pain and knee stress
  • Reinforced Arch Support
  • Massaging Gel for heel & metatarsals

Men's and Women's sizes are completely adjustable using a scissor to trim

Directions: Remove the permanent insole that is in your shoe. Test fresh insole for size and trim with scissor along pre-measured lines on the bottom of the insoles. Insert insoles into your shoe with the gel side down. Replace insoles every 6 months.

Compares to Dr. Scholl's Sport Insoles at half the price!

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