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The most extensive-filled survival backpack on the market today!

The only emergency preparedness survival kit that includes iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets for thyroid protection from radioactive iodine and a carbon-activated N95 respirator to protect frombiologicals, chemicals and radiological particles and vapors.

This premium-filled portable preparedness backpack will be extemely helpful during any emergency or disaster like fire, flood, hurricane or storm and earthquake. We've sold over 30 thousand units and that means something!

Filled with food and water with extended shelf life, a comprehensive 45-piece first aid package and a Dynamo-powered AM/FM Radio & LED Flashlight with phone charger to help you through the night without worrying about batteries. Also contains Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets along with protective items like leather gloves, Carbon-activated N95 mask and goggles, a fork/knife/spoon set and 3 packets of Transcend Glucose Gel for fast energy. We've even included a first aid booklet and an emergency preparedness guide. Check out our extended fill list below. You won't believe all the goodies we've assembled for you.


Add an additional person and get 6 more water packets, another 1200-calorie food bar, light stick, N95 mask, goggles, leather gloves, blanket, poncho and iOSAT KI Tablets.


Brightly-colored Lime-Green Everest Bag with enough room for your personal items.

Survival Backpack - Extensive Fill for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Persons

  • Extended shelf life 1200-calorie food and 6 packs of sealed water

    Electro Module

    • Dynamo (crank) AM/FM Radio/Flashlight
    • Emergency Light Stick
    • Waterproof Matches

    First Aid Module - 45 pieces

    • 2” Roller Gauze
    • Bandage Compress
    • Ice Pack & Latex Gloves
    • Bandage Scissor & Tweezer
    • Adhesive Tape & Elastic Bandage
    • Assorted Bandages, Antiseptics, Antibiotic & Hydrocortisone Ointments, Gauze Pads, Hand Sanitizer packs
    • Acetaminophen & Antacid Packets
    • First Aid Booklet

    Safety Module

    • Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets - 20
    • Whistle w/lanyard
    • Bio-hazard Bag
    • Emergency Preparedness Guide Book
    • Emergency Blanket
    • Rain Poncho
    • Splash-proof Goggles
    • Leather Work Gloves
    • Carbon-activated N95 Respirator Mask
    • Retractable spoon/fork/knife set
    • Resealable Antiseptic Wipes - 10
    • Transcend Glucose Energy Gels - 3
    • Sunscreen Pouches - 2
    • Hand Sanitizer Packets - 2
    • Oral Pain Relief Gel - 2 packs
    • Insect Repellent DEET - 2 packs
    • Insect Repellent Citronella - 2 packs
    • Sting Relief Swabs - 9
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