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S m o k e   E s c a p e   H o o d

"Of the approximately 10,000 people who die each year in fires, 80% are overcome by toxic smoke."

​ Escape a burning building with this heat resistant smoke hood.
Our Smoke Escape Hood comes vacuum packed in this pocket-sized pouch.
Perfect for every family member and every employee in your company.

One size fits all!

 We're the North American distributor of this unique and inexpensive life-saving product, and we've sold thousands internationally to oil platforms, cargo vessels, airlines and corporations.Now we're making them available to the general public so you can keep your own family safe.

  • Order one at $34.95

  • 10 at $299.95 or $29.99 each

  • 100 at $2759.00 or $27.59 each

 Tear open this sealed packet and unfold the Smoke Escape Hood.

  • Spread the rubber neck band with your fingers and pull hood over your head with the dark filter band in the front.

  • Now safely exit the building. You can even wear your glasses under the hood!

 Great for travel on airplanes & ships, chemical plants & office buildings.

  • Made of NASA-grade Polyamide Film, this hood resists high temperatures to 450 degrees C and has passed the UL test in the USA for fire and tear resistance.

  • Elastic neck band creates an effective seal that fits adults as well as children.

  • Six layers of Ionized Activated Carbon Filters resists heavy smoke for 25 minutes, Hydrogen Cyanide for 28 minutes, and high temperatures for more than 30 minutes.

  • Five year shelf life.  Not intended for use against NBC's - Nuclear, Biological or Chemical threats.

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